Changing the User Plex Runs as on Ubuntu 15.10

Changing the user Plex runs as is quite simple.

First stop Plex:

service plexmediaserver stop

Edit the service file ‘/etc/systemd/system/plexmediaserver.service’and change the ‘User’ and ‘Group’ values to your new user and group:


Edit the defaults file: ‘/etc/default/plexmediaserver’ and change the ‘PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_USER’ option:


Add your user to the Plex group:

useradd -G plex newuser

Allow the plexmediaserver directory to be writable by groups:

chmod 771 -R /var/lib/plexmediaserver/

Thats it! Start the Plex service again with:

service plexmediaserver stop

And plex should be ready to go with the new user.

If you change the user Plex runs as you might need to move the Application Support directory to not lose your media library.